About Us

Garst Thomas Public Affairs (formerly CPS Strategies) core capabilities are legislative lobbying, contract procurement and strategic communications. Garst Thomas can assist you with a legislative strategy from the ground up. We are adept at creating long-term strategies, which will support you in an unforeseen or proactive legislative struggle -- and with short term strategies to deal with a problem that already may be threatening your business. A long-term, proactive plan --which encompasses messaging, identifying key audiences, a targeted contribution strategy and relationship building is the most effective approach to governmental affairs. Garst Thomas is ready to assist you with researching, writing and implementing a long-term plan; which will position you to effectively communicate with every branch of government and consistently achieve your governmental affairs goals.

Our broad spectrum of bi-partisan relationships in Georgia and deep understanding of the legislative and procurement processes serve our diverse client base with an array of legislative and public-sector marketing needs. Our team is in the State Capitol every day during the legislative session and maintains contact with elected and appointed officials throughout the year. We act as a liaison to the legislative and administrative branches of government and can represent you in the face of any governmental entity with contract procurement, regulatory matters or legislative issues.

Our firm guides clients through the contract procurement labyrinth and assists them in developing new business in the government market. From securing critical funding during the appropriations process to assisting with a comprehensive RFP and retention strategy – Garst Thomas has extensive experience in navigating this process and can help you move to the top of the pile among tough competition.

Additionally, Garst Thomas advocates on behalf of clients before local governments in the 22-county metro-Atlanta region, as well as other jurisdictions upon agreement. We have extensive experience dealing with county and municipal governments, school boards, authorities, regulatory boards and local trade associations. Garst Thomas provides clients assistance with local procurement, local regulatory and statutory changes, business relocation packages and incentives and political strategies dealing with the complex layers of Georgia local systems.

Garst Thomas can assist you in two key areas at the federal/national level. The first area is working through Congress and the White House to assist with your federal legislative and contract procurement goals. Our relationships with our Congressmen, U.S. Senators and key figures within the White House are strong, and we work with them regularly on behalf of our clients to get the results you need.

The other area of expertise is domestic policy. Much of the policy work that trickles down to the states to become laws and best practices is developed at the national level. Groups like the Republican Governor's Association, the Democratic Governors Association and the National Conference of State Legislators - serve as the think tanks and the lead policy development bodies for the states. Additionally, these groups make up some of the most powerful lobbies on Capitol Hill and ultimately have a significant impact on federal legislation -- as well as state administrative decisions. Garst Thomas can help you become engaged with these groups and at the Hall of States to ensure your place at the table on important issues, which are being hashed out that could ultimately affect your industry.

At Garst Thomas, we believe that a governmental affairs strategy should be a direct reflection of your overall business strategy. That is why we strive to understand the complexities of your business and goals. Governmental affairs should be one cog in the wheel of your success, and it should be linked directly to the others. Without effective communication -- both externally and internally -- many opportunities can be missed. We can help you develop key communications strategies effectively and efficiently in order to maximize your public affairs strategy.